My response to “OpenStack is overstretched” – The Register

What do we get from writing an opinion online? Noteriety? Fame? Publicity?  I’m doing it because sometimes I need to fill in the blank space between the last post and this one.
I’ve just finished reading a Register article entitled “OpenStack is overstretched” in which a Enrico Signoretti writes that due to the popularity of OpenStack it seems like everyone needs to stick their awe in – good and bad – and the outcome is too many cooks.
Whilst I don’t question the burden of having to juggle a large number of vendors interests into a popular Open Source Cloud “Operating System” is a large one – isn’t this where Open Source projects shine? Sub groups work on particular code that may have a small group of people’s interests at heart. But The source code is available to do that right? What makes that feature get into the final cut? Does it matter so long as the core platform exists to serve the general public?
There is no doubt that OpenStack is a challenging product to use and implement and equally one that must keep the release manager busy and community as a whole – but their interests are to make a fantastic Open Source product available to all that want to take it in any direction they want.
We live in a world where we expect products to be able to have one-click installs – and in fact, a part of my job is to get to this stage in all aspects by automate everything. But sometimes it isn’t possible – but we can make it easier and certainly strive to get there. What we can do is to contribute back rather than sit back and watch a product mature enough to then add your own SKU that you can resell to keep your shareholders happy.
It sounds like people are frustrated because OpenStack has the potential to be big but its not ready to shine yet. There are companies using it, there are companies investigating it and there are companies that are contributing to it.

This is Open Source. You get the choice of what you want to do with it.