Amazon EC2 – Ubuntu Quickstart Guide

You will need

  1. A web browser
  2. An Amazon AWS Account
  3. Download PuTTY


  1. Create a new key pair in AWS

    It will automatically download the key for you – go put it somewhere safe (c:\amazon\keys\your-key.pem)

  2. Load up puttygen.exe
  3. Conversions… Import Key
  4. Import c:\amazon\keys\your-key.pem
  5. Save Public Key:
  6. Save Private Key

    Ideally set a password but not required – what this means is that when you go to connect and it uses your key it will ask for this password

  7. Launch and instance from AWS
  8. Choose Community AMI

    Search for  ami-480df921 (It may take a while – be patient)
    This is Canonical’s 32-Bit Ubuntu 10.04

  9. Click Select then choose a t1.micro (or relevant size) instance
  10. Keep the rest of the defaults but when it asks for keypair – use the one you created in step 1 from the drop-down
  11. Go to the end and it will launch…
  12. In your Instances

    Select your instance then Instance Actions then Connect.
    Copy the hostname

  13. In PuTTY paste the hostname into the Hostname or IP box
  14. Under SSH… Auth browse to c:\amazon\keys\PrivateKey.ppk
  15. Then back under Sessions click Connect
  16. When prompted log in as “ubuntu”

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