Wii, Homebrew, Bannerbomb, DVD and Media

Hacking the Wii
So I took the plunge and installed Homebrew on my Wii so I could play DVDs on it in an attempt to cut down on the devices under my TV. I followed the instructions here and essentially just downloaded and unpacked the required files onto an SD card, clicked on the SD icon on my Wii and followed the instructions one by one onscreen. Simples!
I then stuck Mplayer on there by unpacking the Mplayer download into an /apps folder on the SD card and from there, Homebrew can launch Mplayer.

DVD Playback via DVDX
Unfortunately DVD playback doesn’t work because of the latest Wii Update (4.2) which was Nintendo’s way of removing “unauthorised” apps from the Wii by looking for specific TitleIDs. Homebrew was updated to fix this so it worked, unfortunately the developers for DVDX haven’t caught up yet.

Media Playback
The next most obvious use of the Wii is to turn it into a Media Centre. GeeXBox seems promising as something on top of Mplayer that can do what I want it to do, but the interface is cumbersome. Wiimiidia sounds the best but is it vapourware?

Homebrew Apps
More Homebrew Apps can be found here. Just download them to your /apps folder on your SD card and fire up the Homebrew channel to launch them.


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