HTC Snap

HTC Snap

The HTC Snap is a nippy little business phone based on Windows Mobile 6. With a decent 3G connection, useful apps and it using Wi-Fi when available its a useful little thing. What would make it more useful though would be to get the VPN working, install VMware Mobile Client, install a working SSH client and that would make this a very decent support tool for where I work.

I’ll be documenting my triumphs and misses here on what I can and can’t do with the HTC Snap!

Cisco VPN + HTC Snap
So far I’ve not had any joy with getting the device talking to the Cisco VPN that is in use at work… but to be fair I’ve not tried too hard. Guess I’m waiting for Cisco to produce a client instead of the one of many potentials that don’t seem to offer the same settings I need to connect to Cisco!

Linux and HTC Snap
There doesn’t seem to be a problem here. Pop in a microSD card and the device is easily set up as storage that Linux sees. Turn on internet connection sharing via USB and you’ve got a modem at gprs speeds that Linux sees as a standard ethernet device, which is great out and about with a netbook or laptop! Given that I’ve just enabled this and in 1 minute had an internet connection – getting a bpan (Bluetoon Personal Area Network) setup means I can surf the internet from anywhere providing the HTC Snap is close by to my Bluetooth enabled laptop.